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The Answers Don't Come From Me, But Through Me"
Daniel Rechnitzer

Meet Daniel

 Author, Speaker, Inventor, Intuitive Healer,
Empath and Medium. 

Daniel Rechnitzer is the Founder of Intuition Wisdom Institute, who has been honing his intuitive abilities for over 25 years.

As a child, Daniel was highly sensitive and could feel the energy of people around him, realizing that he could see energy as information; so he began to provide insights and healing to friends and family.

In his twenties he learned he could access untapped knowledge from the Universe itself, like a brain beyond his own; so he began 'downloading' answers, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual truths each day, unravelling the secrets of the Universe, life, healing and enlightenment.
His calling has led him on an amazing journey as a sought after speaker all over the world, with hundreds of videos on YouTube and has starred in the: ‘Beyond The Secret - The Awakening’ and the upcoming “Beyond Limitations” documentaries.

Daniel is the Author of three best-selling books: 'The All Knowing Diary', 'Mind Lies - And The Truths That Will Set You Free!’ and ‘Losing Your Mind - It’s The Only Sane Thing To Do’. He is also creator of the leading-edge healing machine ‘EnlightenMe’, which amplifies and accelerates the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

Daniel is well known for his LIVE event the Universe Answers, where he takes questions from the audience and channels the answers from the Universe. 
Daniel Rechnitzer - The All Knowing Diary
Daniel Rechnitzer Filing beyond Limitations
Daniel Rechnitzer Making The EnlightenMe Machine
Daniel Rechnitzer with EnlightenMe Machine'

Daniels Invention From The Universe Answers

The EnlightenMe Machine By Daniel

You've been asking fror a way to fast-track your Healing, Meditating and Manifesting, well here it is. The EnlghtenMe generates a high frequency energy to instantly raise your consciousness to new heights. It helps you meditate more deeply achieving in minutes what normally takes hours. It clears ego allowing you instant access to heightened intuition and  the answers from within. If your feeling ready then blitz your subconscious mind clearing hundreds of subconscious limiting beliefs in minutes. Its ASTONISHING. All natural, no electricity or batteries required, as its fully self powered by the universe.

Comments From Clients

Feedback for Universe Answers, EnlightenMe 48Week Healing and More

"Your books and what you do is beyond what I ever expected to witness. I love what you are doing. Thank you so much"
Jan S, Netherlands

"Thanks Daniel for the amazing healing" 🙏🏻💜🥰
Vasi, USA

"Thank you so much Daniel!"
Julie, NJ, USA

"WOW and WOW😮"
Abena, Az USA

"Wow that was amazing, thank you"
Kimberely, USA

"Thanks Daniel -awesome‼️ my eyes are clearer👍"
Isabelle, USA

“Absolutely amazing!”
Pierre jean

"Thank you, Excellent as Always & Thank you"
Jeremy, AUS

"It was an honour and privilege to simply communicate with one such as yourself."

£Thank you infinitely" 🙏🤩
Kylie, AUS

"Thank you so much!"
George W, Az

"Thanks so much ahhmazing expansion and growth today"
Christine, QLD AUS

"A masive explosion of growth" Raul EU

"Really good. Felt the top of my head open up giving more space & letting in more"
Eduardao, Spain

"Thanks Daniel, you are amazing! Look forward to discovering further." 
Emma W

"Incredible. Thanks Daniel" 💜

"So grateful!!!!" 
R Pinkerman USA

"Those old concepts I realize are not me anymore."
Stephen J, USA

"I'm truly grateful for meeting you and Sonja for making this possible :D
Elise M

“Thank you for your clarity and your truthful insights that are setting free 
Manica C

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