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Beyond The Secret 
-The Awakening-

We learned that thoughts become things, and what we believe at the deepest level is what we attract into our lives. Now nearly 14 years later, we are taking your understanding of the Law of Attraction to a whole new level. To help you become empowered like never before. We have met with some the most extraordinary teachers and gained insight to the Law of Attraction.

Cast: Daniel Rechnitzer, Bob Proctor, Marie Diamond, John Assaraf, Paul Scheele, Dennis Waitley and more!

Life is about more than getting everything you want.
Life is about getting to see everything that you are
Daniel Rechnitzer

Coming Soon


Written and Directed By Daniel Rechnitzer

Based on Daniel's best selling book, this film will take you beyond your self-concept into the truth about who and what you really are.

Your mind is lying to you! It is not your true identity but rather that which hides your True Self. It is not the source of your intelligence but rather the hindrance to it. Your mind is not the Truth, but rather an accumulation of beliefs that are simply that, just beliefs. They are running your life, or better said — ruining your life! Without you being aware of it, you are stuck in a cycle, where your beliefs are dictating and sabotaging your every decision, affecting the quality of your life. It is your beliefs that are driving you away from happiness and fulfilment and toward more work, stress and sickness. So what is the answer? All will be revealed in this magical new film.

Film Art Coming Soon

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Caroline is a Dedicated, Skilled, Caring Trainer & Coach who grabs your attention and makes you sit up and take note. Caroline helps clear your head and puts the steps in place for success. I would highly recommend Caroline as a Business Coach and Staff Trainer.

- Kerry-Anne Nielsen - Red Property

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