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Our Purpose Is YOU

We Created Intuition Wisdom Institute To:

1) Teach you skills and knowledge you can't learn anywhere else

2) Take your Intuitive abilities further than you have ever experienced before

3) Create bigger, better breakthroughs in your life with less effort

4) Help you heal the unhealable, know the unknown and answer the unanswered.

If you want NEXT LEVEL training to give you NEXT LEVEL results, than take a walk with us, on the extraordinary side!

Our Signature Training

Limitless YOU
Meet Your Higher Self

This is where it all started for us at Intuition Wisdom. This workshop takes you to the very heart and source of your Intuition - your Higher Self. 

In this life changing training you will experience our trademark Intuition Boosters. This is how we gently and beautifully heighten your Intuition to the next level. We then teach you how to clear the distraction of the EGO to access the elevated realm of your Higher-Self. Here you will experience bliss and union as you receive all the answers, wisdom and guidance you need. 

Upgrade Your Reality
Reprogram Your Subconscious Mind

Our limitations in life exist in the Mind. Self Sabotage, procrastination, fear, anxiety all come from the programming of our past. The way to triumph over what holds you back is to work deeply at the Subconscious level clearing your Limiting beliefs. 

These subconscious limiting beliefs are embedded ideas you have about yourself that keep you feeling small, insignificant and unsuccessful. In this MIND BLOWING training you will learn how to quickly and effortlessly access the Subconscious Mind, clearing and healing the past from Mind and Body.

Intuitive Practitioner Training
Go Beyond a Life Coach and Healer

This is why people all over the world come to Intuition Wisdom. If you have ever wanted to coach, counsel and help others this is for YOU!.

You will be taught the very same abilities Daniel and Sonja have to create instant breakthroughs in peoples lives. Harnessing your intuition you will go way beyond conventional psychology and therapy methods to  access answers, guidance and wisdom for anyone, anytime.

Beyond words, this training will give you everything you need help loved ones or start your new career changing lives!

The Universe Answers with Daniel

Join us every two weeks to get your biggest questions answered! See Daniel in action LIVE as he taps into the intelligence of the Universe to give you the answers you need to thrive in life. Attend for FREE, enjoy the profound wisdom and truth shared or be brave and ask the Universe your biggest questions about Life, Love, Money and Beyond.

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Our Products

The EnlightenMe Machine By Daniel

You've been asking fror a way to fast-track your Healing, Meditating and Manifesting, well here it is. The EnlghtenMe generates a high frequency energy to instantly raise your consciousness to new heights. It helps you meditate more deeply achieving in minutes what normally takes hours. It clears ego allowing you instant access to heightened intuition and  the answers from within. If your feeling ready then blitz your subconscious mind clearing hundreds of subconscious limiting beliefs in minutes. Its ASTONISHING. All natural, no electricity or batteries required, as its fully self powered by the universe.

Our Films

Enjoy Daniel Take The Secret To A New Level

We learned that thoughts become things, and what we believe at the deepest level is what we attract into our lives. Now nearly 14 years later, we are taking your understanding of the Law of Attraction to a whole new level. To help you become empowered like never before. We have met with some the most extraordinary teachers and gained insight to the Law of Attraction.

See Daniel and Sonja Take You Beyond The Mind

We take a massive journey to explore what is the limit of human potential. The remarkable true stories of individuals who seem to defy all logic and natural laws proving that human beings can actually go Beyond Limitations.

Our Books

The Mind Lies by Daniel Rechnitzer
Losing Your Mind By Daniel Rechnitzer
Natural Pain Free Birth by Sonja Rechnitzer
My Invisible Superhero By Daniel Rechnitzer

The Intuition Wisdom Difference

No matter where you’re starting, you get access to our profound discoveries from the last 15+ years.
Daniel and I went through a highly accelerated growth phase, and we’re passing it ALL onto you!
  • Tap into the full power of your intuition and ask it any and every question
  • Rid yourself of the subconscious limiting beliefs from your past
  • ​Learn how the body works and how to maximize your health and wellbeing
  • ​Discover the secret to success and abundance
  • ​Live according to your Life Purpose and create YOUR Million Dollar Idea
NO MORE HOLDING BACK… You now have the key to unlocking your power!
If you’re ready to experience the same exponential growth as 1,000’s of clients,
…to leave the past behind. access the full power of your intuition – here’s the solution you’ve been looking for.

Our Founders

Meet Sonja Rechnitzer

Sonja is the Founder of Intuition Wisdom Institute, where since 2006 she has been working to help transform the lives of millions of people specializing in connection, life purpose, healing, relationships, and finances.

Sonja is the Master Trainer at IWI, a powerhouse who brings crystal-clear intuition and wisdom to all the programs. Her goal is to empower others on their journey to self-realization.

Sonja’s passion is teaching the IWI methodology to enable people to connect to their higher consciousness and discover their true life purpose, with sell-out workshops in 91 countries.

Her gift is instilling in students the energy of infinite possibility; to show them what is really achievable in this world and to guide them on their path to fulfillment and abundance.
Sonja is a popular public speaker and is featured on the upcoming documentary ‘Beyond Limitations’. She is known as the “Meaningful Millionaire Maker” due to her latest book and training program: ‘Million Dollar Idea’ which helps people discover and monetize their life purpose. She is also Author of the much-loved book: ‘Natural Pain Free Birth - A Soul’s Journey To Earth’.

Meet Daniel Rechnitzer

Daniel Rechnitzer is the Founder of Intuition Wisdom Institute, who has been honing his intuitive abilities for over 25 years.

As a child, Daniel was highly sensitive and could feel the energy of people around him, realizing that he could see energy as information; so he began to provide insights and healing to friends and family.

In his twenties he learned he could access untapped knowledge from the Universe itself, like a brain beyond his own; so he began 'downloading' answers, knowledge, wisdom, and spiritual truths each day, unravelling the secrets of the Universe, life, healing and enlightenment.
His calling has led him on an amazing journey as a sought after speaker all over the world, with hundreds of videos on YouTube and has starred in the: ‘Beyond The Secret - The Awakening’ and the upcoming “Beyond Limitations” documentaries.

Daniel is the Author of three best-selling books: 'The All Knowing Diary', 'Mind Lies - And The Truths That Will Set You Free!’ and ‘Losing Your Mind - It’s The Only Sane Thing To Do’. He is also creator of the leading-edge healing machine ‘EnlightenMe’, which amplifies and accelerates the benefits of mindfulness and meditation.

What's Holding You Back?

The biggest problem you’re probably facing right now, is thinking that it’s impossible to transform your life to the next level, that it’s too good to be true.

But this restricts every area of your life – it’s like an invisible barrier on growth.

Which means you’re forever stuck and not able to experience the limitless possibilities that are available to you.

And, worst of all, most people can’t get past the idea that decision-making requires analysis and research, rather than using their innate intuition to easily achieve success and abundance.

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  • BONUS: How To Become An Intuitive Life Coach
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Intuition Wisdom Gives You The Tools To Transform Your Life

as seen in

Intuition Wisdom Gives You The Tools To Transform Your Life


Mind Lies

Losing Your Mind

Natural Pain Free Birth

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Caroline is a Dedicated, Skilled, Caring Trainer & Coach who grabs your attention and makes you sit up and take note. Caroline helps clear your head and puts the steps in place for success. I would highly recommend Caroline as a Business Coach and Staff Trainer.

- Kerry-Anne Nielsen - Red Property

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