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Do You Want to Help Change Lives...  Guide, Inspire and Heal loved ones and Clients?

Do you want to make a real difference on this planet - then become an Extraordinary IWI Intuitive Life Coach and Healer.

Talk to me now!  I'll answer all of your questions, and we will work together to craft a step-by-step game-plan to take you from being stuck in the rat-race to hitting your income goals in 1 year, doing what you love!

With my help and using the best of intuition, you will get really clear on 4 things:


    1. What your natural Intuitive Gift is

    2. What’s holding you back from unleashing your Intuitive GREATNESS

    3.  How to make the 5 shifts to success with ease and joy

    4. How to quickly create your income goals attracting new clients right away

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    What Our Attendees Say...


    "I have learnt so much from IWI... It feels like I have magical powers!   Thanks IWI"
    - Christine Devery, QLD, AUS


    "IWI is ... the simplest independent way to connect to the Super Conscious Realm."
    Ute Lang, Germany


    "I have been practicing as a psychologist for seven years now.  Using IWI there is no missing the target!"
    KE QLD, Australia


    "It was a deeply moving experience for me.. being in touch with that part of myself that just knows...this is priceless. "
    Julie Cottle, Aus


    "I feel like I've gotten the benefits of a decade of therapy in the last few hours-but even better!" 
    Harold Sconiers USA


    "It Just works no if’s or and’s about it. My life has completely change for the best. The training that is offered is priceless.  IWI what an ahhhmazing gift from the universe  Abena Apau, Phoenix, USA


    "What a quantum jump in the growing journey ... Patrick F. Ottawa, Canada


    "Daniel's and Sonja's ability to not only tap into Universal Intelligence but to lovingly and skill fully teach others exactly how to to do it for themselves is literally priceless!...you realize you never need to look for answers outside yourself ever again." Michael Jeffreys Los Angeles, USA


    "There are no limits to the words to describe what you can learn from this experience. You can learn how to use the energy around us to gain experience, understanding, and knowledge. I can highly recommend this." 
    Dean Hodges - AUS


    IWI’s courses & teaching are absolutely “next level“ in assisting one to raise your intuition quotient (the Real IQ!) by guiding people to discover the Intuitive genius within. " Ed “The New Intuitive” LA, USA


    "Absolutely Mind Blowing. To connect with higher self and understand and believe the messages coming through. I loved this session I recommend this to Kristy Fraser


    "Sonja was fantastic, extremely glad I came today! Thank you."
    Courtney Warren AUS


    "I now walk that thin line between an indescribable sense of peace and ease, and an unstoppable sense of optimism and anticipation of greater things. LET'S GO!" Rodney, QLD, AUS

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    Inspired Training

    For An Extraordinary Life

    •  Access Limitless Inspiration Within
      Tap into profound guidance, wisdom and answers 
    • ​Remove Subconscious Blockages
      Easily clear your past patterns that hold you back
    • Live Your Life Purpose
      Do what you love, making a difference to people and the planet ...and achieve success, fulfilment and abundance
    • Meet Your Extraordinary True Self
      Go beyond your Mind-Self and access your True-Self
    • Awaken To Infinite Genius
      Discover how to use your brain in extraordinary new ways
    • ​Open Yourself To Your Innate Healing Abilities
      Learn how you can prevent and even clear virtually any illness

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    Raise Your Vibrational Frequency

    The EnlightenMe Frequency Generator By Daniel Rechnitzer

    If  you've been asking for a way to fast-track your Healing, Meditating and Manifesting, well here it is. The EnlghtenMe generates a high frequency energy to instantly raise your consciousness to new heights. It helps you meditate more deeply achieving in minutes what normally takes hours. It clears ego allowing you instant access to heightened intuition and the answers from within. And if your feeling ready, then blitz your subconscious mind by clearing hundreds of subconscious limiting beliefs in minutes. It's ASTONISHING. All natural, no electricity or batteries required, as its fully self powered by the Universe.

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    Join Thousands of Intuition Wisdom Institute Graduates changing lives everyday through their full POWER of Intuition. Become a Certified Intuitive Life Coach today.

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    What Our Clients Say…

    Countless Success Stories

    Are You Ready To Upgrade To Your Dream Life?

    Come and discover why Doctors, Psychologists, NLP Coaches
     are ALL upgrading to the Intuitive Life Coach Certification Training...

    Looking for a better way to create a life of purpose and abundance? Do you want to create instant breakthroughs in people's lives? Then read on...

    Intuition gives you the fast-tack to create the BIGGEST BREAKTHROUGHS. It is your Secret Weapon, a faster process to create lasting results. No complicated theory or manuals to wade through.

    Intuition is the "KNOWING" from within. When you use your full power of intuition, answers come to you immediately, so you can guide your clients to the best possible outcomes. You are opening yourself up to guidance and wisdom that is 'beyond the mind', so you can clearly see blockages and realize the solutions - all at the speed of thought! Intuition never lets you down.

    With intuition you get to hit the nail on the head every time with clients. What takes months or years to heal or resolve using conventional methods, can take just minutes with the power of your intuition. 

    If you want to make a meaningful difference to yourself and this planet,  become an Intuitive Life Coach today!

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    • BONUS: How To Become An Intuitive Life Coach
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    This Masterclass is broken up into three workshop style sessions, designed to work through real life situations so you can take action and find immediate results
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    •  3 Downloadable Session Workbooks ($500)
    • Template Library w/access to successful productivity checklists ($500)
    • Live examples and demos each session ($500)
    • Small group coaching sessions within workshops ($500)
    • ​Discount code to access a discounted ticket for future Masterclass Series ($500)

    Caroline is a Dedicated, Skilled, Caring Trainer & Coach who grabs your attention and makes you sit up and take note. Caroline helps clear your head and puts the steps in place for success. I would highly recommend Caroline as a Business Coach and Staff Trainer.

    - Kerry-Anne Nielsen - Red Property

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