Go Beyond A Coach, Beyond a Healer

Certified Intuitive
Life Coach Training

10 Life Changing Weeks

Become A Source Of Inspired Wisdom,
Guidance and Answers 

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Intuitive Coach and Healer Training

Are You Looking For An Inspiring New Career? Do You Want To Help Change The Lives Of Loved Ones? 

If YES… then our Intuitive Life Coach Certification Training is what you have been searching for!

It’s 10 Weeks of the most incredible Intuition and Personal Development Training you have ever experienced!

You will grow in incredible ways, gaining extraordinary abilities and leaving the old you behind.

You will awaken to your True Self, the source of your intuition and greatness, to have all the answers you will ever need, on tap 24/7.

You will become a master of your intuition, feeling energy as information, moving from the “thinking mind” into a higher consciousness of simply “KNOWING”.

You will get to help countless others, loved ones and clients, answering their biggest questions, helping them heal life-challenging illnesses and blockages.

You will go beyond a Life Coach, beyond a Healer, learning to transform lives for people of all ages, of all walks of life... starting with your own.


Intuition GUIDING your every decision, every answer
Having insights flow effortlessly into your AWARNESS
Experiencing a 'KNOWING' that is beyond the mind
Being able to answer people's BIGGEST questions
Helping children and adults HEAL a life threatening illness
Creating extraordinary BREAKTHROUGHS for people

Imagine... a laptop lifestyle, getting paid to change lives! 

Step 1

3 Hours of MIND BLOWING Training - FREE!

Boost Your Intuition

Take Your Intuition To Extraordinary New Heights, Thanks to Our Signature Intuition Boosters... It's What We Are Famous For!
Duration: 1 hour

Instant Self Belief

Discover The Secret To Having Intuition On Tap 24/7 -  It's Called Self-Belief, and We Will Teach You How To Activate It In Seconds!
Duration: 1 hour

Answers On Tap 24/7

Connect To The Source of Intuition!   Get Intuition On Demand -  Answers and Guidance Anytime, Anywhere.
It's Inspiration on Tap!
Duration: 1 hour

This Is Where The MAGIC Begins... 

Whether you're testing the waters, or going all the way to become a Certified Intuitive Coach and Healer - Start Here!

Step 2

Self Mastery

100 Blockages Cleared

Using The Amazing EnlightenMe Frequency Generator, Daniel will Clear Over 100 of Your Biggest Subconscious Limiting Beliefs Blocking Your Intuition.

Self-Love NOW!

We All Know How Important Self-Love Is, But How Do You Allow Into Your Life? Join Sonja For Our Secret Self-Love Strategies, Habits and How To Access Self Love NOW!

Subconscious Mind

Discover How To Access and Reprogram Your Own Subconscious Mind.  Change Your Inner Reality To  Change Your Outer Reality!  Easily Clear Self Sabotage, Blockages and Awaken To Profound Truth.

Wealth Mastery

Discover Your Life Purpose - Your Inner Blueprint To Success. Learn How To Be On Purpose, Think On Purpose and Live On Purpose To Manifest Greater Flow and Success.

Genius Mastery

Unlock Your Inner Genius For Inspiration On Demand. Learn How To Read Energy For Knowledge and Wisdom, Go Beyond Your Mind To See Beyond The Physical Dimension.

Healing Mastery

Master Healing The Root Cause And Symptoms Of Illness. Learn How To Talk To Your Body. Uncover Blockages, Slow Ageing Process,
Heal and Prevent Illness.
Join The Thousands

Changing The World

Join Thousands of Intuition Wisdom Institute Graduates changing lives everyday through their full POWER of Intuition. Become a Certified Intuitive Life Coach today.

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Step 3

Practitioner Mastery

Intuitive Coach Mastery

The Power To Transform Lives
Be A Source Of Profound Guidance And Wisdom
Learn Our Extraordinary Methodology To Create Instant Breakthroughs In Peoples Lives. Experience Intuition At It's Very Best:

Highlights Include: 
  •  How To Connect & Allow Information To Flow To You
  • ​How To Help Heal Illness For A Client Or Loved One
  • How To Give Intuitive Answers For A Client or Loved One
  • ​How To Access Life Changing Truths For A Client or Loved One
  • ​How To Clear Subconscious Blockages For A Client Or Loved One
  • ​How To Know The Life Purpose Of A Client Or Loved One
  • ​and So Much More!!

Optional Extras and Specialisations..

Intuition Specialisations

Choose From Our Incredible Training Options
  • DNA Healer and Medical Intuitive Training
  • ​Group Healing with The EnlightenMe Frequency
  • Animal Intuitive Training
  • ​Intuition In Business
  • ​Higher-Self Trainer
  • ​Intuition 4 Kids Trainer
  • ​Intuition Wisdom Trainer

Step 4

Success Program

6 Month Success Program

Become A Successful Intuitive Coach
Attract Your Perfect Clients With Ease

We hold your hand each step of the way helping you create your unique practitioner business in a way that flows and meets your goals. Learn The Essentials Of:
  •  Defining Your Niche
  • ​Developing Your Offerings
  • ​Creating Your Brand
  • Creating Inflow of New Clients
  • ​Online Marketing
  • ​Offline Marketing
  • ​Overcoming Fears and Blockages To Success
  • Get Access To Our Exclusive to IWI Client Acquisition Strategy
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Help Change The World

If You Are Interested In Our Training And Want To Find Out More... Book In For a FREE Breakthrough Call. We'll Help You Unleash The Full POWER Of Your Intuition To Become a Certified Intuitive Life Coach And More!

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When You Learn To FEEL Instead of THINK, You Will KNOW What The Universe Knows

Learning To FEEL Is The Secret To Using 100% Of Your Brain

Have you ever sat in a sports stadium and felt the excitement? Have you ever felt it, when your partner is angry at you? Have you ever thought of a friend, and moments later they phoned you?

Do not dismiss these experiences, because what they point to is the BIGGEST breakthrough of our time - that our brain is a profound antenna!

We have been conditioned to “think”, to busy our mind - which drowns out our intuition and our ability to simply KNOW, without having learned.

At IWI, we retrain your brain to go beyond the mind! You will have the amazing capability to tune-in to different energy frequencies, such as the human body, people, places, concepts and ideas, to access extraordinary information and know-how.

The Universe is an enormous brain, and through our intuition we can learn to know what it knows.

That’s the basis of our entire training at IWI, to heighten your intuition so you can Know The Unknown, See The Unseen and Heal The Unhealable!

Comments From Attendees

Just Some of Our Feedback...


"IWI is simply AMAZING!!! It has changed my life and I cannot express how incredible the practitioner course is....one day I was just a person...now I am a person who can tune in and share messages for people and heal their bodies and their minds...Now I am unstoppable!!!"
Emma Wachs, Australia

The EGO Isn't Real

"You have showed me one of the biggest takeaways from your teachings and that is LAUGHING to the ways of ego and playing with minds opinions...actually dancing your way through the lies to the truth" Manica C Slovenia

Beyond Anything Else!

"IWI goes beyond anything and everything you have ever learned about the Universe, yourself and manifesting the best life for yourself. I have NEVER come across a program that teaches you ALL the tools step-by-step like IWI does and they make sure that you understand every step so that you can continue using them for the rest of your life. You are truly being looked after"
Nesha V UK

Worth So Much More Than I Paid!

"iwi Is unlike anything I have every experience or seen. This training is worth so much more than what I paid for. I feel like I won 1000000x of the lottery!!!!! I feel so blessed to have this opportunity to learn from such amazing people and this course was the funnest course I have ever taken in my life!!!!! The space/ environment is just so pure and amazing, no judgement, just pure love" Holly L, USA

So Grateful!

"Thank you so much Daniel & Sonja, for bringing Universal Intelligence to everyone's reach.. I believe, It had really made me open to new things, opportunities, relationships, i.e. a new way of living life...Huge thankfulness and Gratitude for everything, that you both, have created in our lives..."
Aman, USA

Life Changing!

"You need to follow the course to understand how BIG this is. This is really life changing and the best thing I ever did in my life! No doubt, just do it! :)"
Evelien V - Netherlands

Should Be Taught  In Schools!

"Thank YOU Sonja. If this was taught in school - what a wonderful world we would have. I have finally reach my life purpose, what a bliss"
Sonni A Australia

I Can Now Access Truth!

"Amazing course, my intuition level expanded beyond my comprehension, now l can tune in and access any truth that l have been seeking all my life. Awesome. Sonja and her team were excellent." Ong, Malaysia

I'm Excited About Life Again

"My training with IWI completely changed my life around - from feeling completely stuck in life with no hope of it ever improving - to feeling completely excited about life again seeing a great future ahead for me"
Dagmar B, Germany

Far Exceeded My Expectations

"This course gave me a set of skills far in advance of my expectations. It will liberate anyone who senses they could be harnessing inner resources to unleash their full potential. This course has all the answers, but teaching how to ask them."
Dorothy, Australia

I Feel Reborn

"It feels like i am reborn! Like a complete new version, a upgrade of reality! Thank you so much! You unleashed the power from within. I found my life purpose, I am being fulfilled and the best of all I found true self love! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU" 
Boaz G Netherlands

Rapid Awakening

"After 25 years of diligent practice of yoga and meditation I developed a thumbnail size amount of intuitive connection and spiritual awakening in comparison to the profound depth of my awakening that I have acquired in only the last 3 weeks of practicing these IWI techniques!"
Steve, S USA

Let Me Create a Breakthrough For You

Book In With Me Now!

If It's Your Path To Change Lives. and You Feel Even Slightly Intuitive,  Or Have a Bunch of Questions About Our Training Like -  Am I Ready? When Does It Start? Is It My Life Purpose?  Then Don't Hesitate!  Book In For a Breakthrough Call With Me To Get Your Biggest Questions Answered.

Why Do The Training?

  • You want to learn how to become a life coach to help loved ones heal and live better lives
  • ​You are looking for a way to create effortless change
  • You are looking for a meaningful career transforming and helping people
  • ​You want to upgrade your skills from 'thinking' to 'KNOWING'
  • ​You want to make a difference on Earth, raising consciousness
  • ​You love learning and unlocking the mysteries of the Universe
  • ​You want to expand your intuitive and your healing abilities
  • ​You want to move light-years ahead of traditional and conventional methods
  • ​You want the best Personal Development and Life Coach Certification Training there is!

"I Invite You To
Go Beyond The Mind To An Intelligence Sublime
To Access All The Answers And See Beyond Time"
Daniel Rechnitzer

Our 100% Satisfaction Promise

No Regrets Guarantee

We know that choosing a personal development program or Life Coach Training is a scary and risky proposition, even if you have seen us demonstrate what is possible in our live events, videos and podcasts.

We recognize the perceived risks, and how your past experiences and fears can make such a decision very scary: Fear of wasting money on training that doesn’t go anywhere Fear of the training not being everything you had hoped it would be Fear that what you will learn is too difficult to grasp Fear that you won’t be adequately supported on your journey Fear that your life will not change in any substantial or meaningful way from attending the training

As such, we have developed our No Regrets, Life-Change Guarantee! We promise that: Our training will greatly exceed your expectations Our training will deliver value greatly in excess of your investment Our training will transform your life in profound and significant ways You will be given the support you need by one of our expert team.

You will grasp all the most important tools and abilities You will have absolutely NO REGRETS having attended our training Your life will never be the same again! And you will feel delighted, even ecstatic and definitely relieved, that you now have all these new amazing tools, abilities and realizations, having attended our training. And we promise you’ll be able to stand on your own two feet, fully capable of accessing the answers and guidance you need from within.

Otherwise, we promise to do whatever it takes to give you a life-changing experience, whether that is a full refund at the appropriate time, free course repeats, or the necessary help. We promise this, if you commit 100% to the training, the exercises and honouring yourself throughout the program.

If you are not ready for your life to change in extraordinary ways, or if you are not willing to participate in our training 100%, then Click Here to attend our FREE Success Masterclass. In Truth & Love

Imagine If You Could Achieve...

"This Training Is Where We Share LIVE Our Greatest Gifts, Most Profound Knowledge and Our Most Powerful Intuitive Abilities With You! Benefit From Over 25 Years of Our Healing, Medium and Coaching Expertise."
Daniel & Sonja Rechnitzer

What Our Clients Say…

Countless Success Stories

RAVE Reviews!

What Our Attendees Say...


"I have learnt so much from IWI... It feels like I have magical powers!   Thanks IWI"
- Christine Devery, QLD, AUS


"IWI is ... the simplest independent way to connect to the Super Conscious Realm."
Ute Lang, Germany


"I have been practicing as a psychologist for seven years now.  Using IWI there is no missing the target!"
KE QLD, Australia


"It was a deeply moving experience for me.. being in touch with that part of myself that just knows...this is priceless. "
Julie Cottle, Aus


"I feel like I've gotten the benefits of a decade of therapy in the last few hours-but even better!" 
Harold Sconiers USA


"It Just works no if’s or and’s about it. My life has completely change for the best. The training that is offered is priceless.  IWI what an ahhhmazing gift from the universe  Abena Apau, Phoenix, USA


"What a quantum jump in the growing journey ... Patrick F. Ottawa, Canada


"Daniel's and Sonja's ability to not only tap into Universal Intelligence but to lovingly and skill fully teach others exactly how to to do it for themselves is literally priceless!...you realize you never need to look for answers outside yourself ever again." Michael Jeffreys Los Angeles, USA


"There are no limits to the words to describe what you can learn from this experience. You can learn how to use the energy around us to gain experience, understanding, and knowledge. I can highly recommend this." 
Dean Hodges - AUS


IWI’s courses & teaching are absolutely “next level“ in assisting one to raise your intuition quotient (the Real IQ!) by guiding people to discover the Intuitive genius within. " Ed “The New Intuitive” LA, USA


"Absolutely Mind Blowing. To connect with higher self and understand and believe the messages coming through. I loved this session I recommend this to Kristy Fraser


"Sonja was fantastic, extremely glad I came today! Thank you."
Courtney Warren AUS


"I now walk that thin line between an indescribable sense of peace and ease, and an unstoppable sense of optimism and anticipation of greater things. LET'S GO!" Rodney, QLD, AUS

Proven Steps To Mastery

...Years In The Making

    ...by seeing yourself as INFINITELY more
    ...through aligning your thoughts and beliefs to the ultimate Truth of who you REALLY are
    ...by accessing STILLNESS to connect to your intuition
    ...by going beyond your doubts and fears to AWAKEN to your unique GIFTS
    ...by practicing SELF-BELIEF and SELF-LOVE
Training As Unique As You Are

...So Much To Look Forward To

100% Powered By Intuition

Everything you learn comes from pure intuition, inspiration and proven techniques by Sonja and Daniel.

This is not your standard, generic Life Coach Certification Training - this is next-level, a whole new way of being that will change YOUR life, giving you the tools to then transform the lives of others... 100% Innate Wisdom.

The Training Is LIVE

Rather than offering cookie-cutter solutions, outdated methodologies and pre-recorded videos, when you participate in the 6 Week Intuitive Life Coach Training, you learn from the Founders, Sonja and Daniel Rechnitzer!

Watch them LIVE from anywhere in the world on ZOOM. Talk with them, ask them questions, be INSPIRED!

Making The Impossible Possible

Since 2006, Sonja and Daniel have been DOING what the world considers IMPOSSIBLE. When you attend any training at Intuition Wisdom Institute, you'll learn how to do the Impossible too!

Learn how to tap into your intuition, easily remove self limiting beliefs, understand how the body heals and what it needs to thrive.

Become a Master at accessing life-changing realizations for yourself, your loved ones and your clients.

Weekly Q&A's - For Life

Just because you complete your Intuitive Life Coach Training doesn't mean it ends there!

We continue to support you each week with LIVE Q&A Sessions on Zoom and our members-only active community groups.

Whatever you need on your journey, we are here to support you every step of the way.

FREE Course Repeats

You've got us for life!

Our trainings are constantly evolving, so to keep you up-to-date with all our latest thinking, we offer FREE Course Repeats.

As part of the Intuition Wisdom family you'll receive invitations to repeat Courses, VIP Launches and FREE Weekly Events.

MIND-BLOWING Books And Tools

Daniel and Sonja have written some of the most profound books of our time.

What you might not know is that Daniel has also invented an Enlightenment tool that is truly out-of-this-world... the 'EnlightenMe'. It raises your vibrational frequency and helps you clear hundreds of self limiting beliefs in just minutes. Check out the EnlightenMe page to help make your personal growth journey so much faster and easier!
Join The Thousands

Changing The World

Join Thousands of Intuition Wisdom Institute Graduates changing lives everyday through their full POWER of Intuition. Become a Certified Intuitive Life Coach today.

Book a FREE Breakthrough Call With Us

Intuition Wisdom Gives You The Tools To Transform Your Life

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  • Live examples and demos each session ($500)
  • Small group coaching sessions within workshops ($500)
  • ​Discount code to access a discounted ticket for future Masterclass Series ($500)

Caroline is a Dedicated, Skilled, Caring Trainer & Coach who grabs your attention and makes you sit up and take note. Caroline helps clear your head and puts the steps in place for success. I would highly recommend Caroline as a Business Coach and Staff Trainer.

- Kerry-Anne Nielsen - Red Property

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